Concrete is the most vital material in the construction world, and testing plays a key role to know about it’s strength, durability and condition of the concrete building. This material is often used in harsh environments, leading to the fast deterioration of poor-quality concrete mixes. We, at DAVILAS EXCAVATIONS provide concrete testing services like Concrete Penetration which make sure the concrete used is of consistently high quality as well as meets strict industry specifications.

Concrete Penetration test is a non-destructive test that determines the concrete’s strength and durability simply by penetrating a steel rod. This is the technique of evaluating the strength & durability of concrete material without loading the specimen.

What Are The Objectives of Our Non-destructive Test?

To check the quality of the concrete structure.

To find out the both internal & external characteristics of the concrete. 

To detect the cracks in the concrete structures. 

To know about the ageing of concrete. 

To determine the compressive strength of structures.

Let's know About Our Test Procedure

Step 1: With the help of our experienced team, we fix the equipment and tools at the right test position on your concrete surface.

Step 2: Now, we attach the Windsor probe equipment  to the driver. 

Step 3: Now, we drive the Windsor probe equipment  into the surface of the concrete. 

Step 4: We check whether the test equipment is set firmly or not. 

Step 5: Now our team will measure the length of exposed above the concrete surface.

Step 6: Now, we take about 2 or 3 measurements and average them to evaluate the final result.

At DAVILAS EXCAVATIONS, our goal is to provide best quality service to ensure the best possible outcomes for our clients. To determine the concrete strength, our team evaluates the uniformity of concrete, identifying deterioration in the material, evaluating the in place strength as well as investigating the presence of cracks and flaws. We aim to deliver top-notch service to build long-term relationships with our clients.