Get Professional Yet Affordable Tunnel Under Slab Services

Have a foundation or plumbing issue? You should opt for an experienced company to provide under slab tunneling service. We, at DAVILAS EXCAVATIONS, dig under-slab tunnels and have dug more than 500 tunnels in our 19 years in business. We know about all the best and cost effective right ways to complete this kind of work.
Our Tunnel Under Slab Process:

Step 1. We Find Out Tunnel Location to Reach Plumbing Failures

Step 2. Now  We Plan the Path of the Tunnel

Step 3: With Our Professional Team, We Dig the Tunnel

Step 4: Repair the Plumbing Problem

Step 5: Fill in the Tunnel

Our experienced plumbing team will develop a plan together that reaches the needed location(s) using the shortest length of tunnel possible. They will try everything to keep the tunnel short in order to to ensure the lowest cost as well as the fastest, most efficient route.

Signs You May Have a Slab Leak

If you see or feel any of these signs mentioned below at your home, contact “US” immediately to get a good opinion.

  • Higher water bills without increased usage of water.
  • If you found warm or damp places on your floors.
  • Bad smell coming from floors or walls.
  • If you hear running water sounds particularly when no taps are open
  • Your property foundation develops a crack

Let's Know About The Benefits Of Tunneling To Make Under-Slab Repairs

  • No damage to floor covering.
  • No need to move out of your home during repairs.
  • No mess inside the home when repairing the issue.
  • Keep your business running during repair.
  • It prevents all the “breaking up your slab from above” problems

Why Go For Our Tunnel Under Slab Service?

Under-slab tunneling is a great option  to breaking through a slab foundation to reach and repair under-slab leak issues. DAVILAS EXCAVATIONS can tunnel under your property, repair issues from inside the tunnel. We provide tunneling services on buildings of all sizes which saves property owners the intrusion caused by having workers, tools and equipment on the inside of their property and reduces the cost of repairing floor covering inside the property.

Tunnels let our plumbers repair leaking without coming inside your house. It’s amazing as it keeps all the chaos, mess, and our working people outside your home. Tunneling also lets you keep using your home normally even while repairs are going on.

If you are looking for professional plumbing services and think you have a slab leak, then call us now.